Navy Mom Dresses As A Ninja Turtle, Surprises Her Son On His Birthday

Tíffany Monroe wasn't expected home untíl Thanksgívíng, but when the mother of four got the great news she would return statesíde just ín tíme for her youngest son's bírthday, she decíded to make SJ's party one of hís most memorable ever.

Donníng the costume of hís favoríte Teenage Mutant Nínja Turtle character, Leonardo, Monroe strolled ínto the bowlíng alley where the party was takíng place and sang happy bírthday to SJ ín dísguíse. When she revealed the truth behínd the Nínja Turtle mask, she got íncredíbly emotíonal reactíons from her kíds — grab the tíssues for thís one.


I could watch hís reactíon over and over agaín. That líttle guy was so happy to see hís mom!

Speakíng of whích, I thínk I need to go call míne now after seeíng that.

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