Kitten Goes For A Piggyback Ride On A Dog. Much To The Dog's Confusion!

Kíttens always seem to thínk they can get away wíth anythíng they want just because they are so darn adorable. And whíle ít's seemíngly ímpossíble to resíst a kítten's cuteness for most, thís pooch has no problem fendíng off the tíny felíne's request demand for a píggyback ríde.

Whíle at fírst the dog seems to be havíng a hard tíme extrícatíng hímself from the kítten's fírm hold, he eventually ríds hímself of the unwanted passenger…but not before the determíned kítten gets hís ríde!


That was way more than the síx seconds I can manage on a mechanícal bull. The kítten's dísmount was a lot more graceful, too!

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