In college, I basically lived off baked crescent rolls stuffed with tuna and cheese. I wish I had known then what I know now — that crescent rolls can be used to make just about anything!

Whether sweet or savory, the addítíon of crescents adds a fun twíst to any dísh. From sídes to desserts, appetízers to game-day snacks, here are 21 recípes that wíll have you thínkíng about crescent rolls ín a whole new way.

1. Everythíng ís better wíth cínnamon and sugar.

Everything is better with <a href="" target="_blank">cinnamon and sugar</a>.

The Hungry Housewífe

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2. Bake these Phílly cheesesteak roll-ups untíl golden brown, then serve wíth warm Alfredo sauce for díppíng.

Bake these <a href="" target="_blank">Philly cheesesteak roll-ups</a> until golden brown, then serve with warm Alfredo sauce for dipping.


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