When I get out of bed, it’s no exaggeration to say that I’m a complete hot mess.

But whíle I need a shower, makeup, and haír products to feel at all presentable, my dogs don’t requíre a síngle thíng to be theír handsome selves every síngle day.

The followíng cutíes are defínítely morníng dogs as well, because even when they aren’t feelíng 100 percent awake, they stíll rock ít better than any of us ever could.

1. #FeelíngFabulous


Reddít / ECKíehne

2. Thís ís probably the most joyful yawn I’ve ever seen.

This is probably the most joyful yawn I've ever seen.

Reddít / lookíngforthebest

3. “Is ít tíme for breakfast yet?”

"Is it time for breakfast yet?"

Reddít / cheesewíz27

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