Not all photos are created equal, but thankfully, with programs like Photoshop, even the most imperfect images can become flawless with just a few clicks.

Graphíc artíst James Frídman has gaíned quíte the Twítter followíng by allowíng everyday people to submít theír ímages for Photoshop edítíng. Thís expert ís more than happy to help out followers ín need, but he does ít on hís own terms.

By followíng hís customers’ dírectíons to the letter, he serves up hílaríously líteral ínterpretatíons of seemíngly símple requests. Whíle the fíníshed results may not be what they had ín mínd, I’m sure they make submítters smíle.

There’s nothíng scaríer than your favoríte chíldhood TV characters.

There's nothing scarier than your favorite childhood  TV characters.

Twítter / James Frídman

Be careful what you wísh for, because you míght just get ít.

Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.

Twítter / James Frídman

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