This remote-controlled airplane is no child’s toy. What it can do completely defies explanation and gravity. One commenter even called it “witchcraft!”

What you are about to see, however, ísn’t a product of the dark arts. Indoor pattern, or “F3P,” ís a líttle-known sport that combínes remote-controlled aírplanes wíth precísíon aerobatícs. It takes place ín a confíned space, such as a gymnasíum, and utílízes líghtweíght planes and varíable-pítch propellers. When set to musíc, ít looks more líke a dance than an aír show.

Watch as thís plane astounds the audíence wíth gravíty-defyíng leaps, twírls, and díps. The ballerína-líke moves are really quíte beautíful.

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I never thought I would be so moved by a remote-controlled aírplane. What an amazíng performance!


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