Medical staff around the world are well-versed in performing CPR to save a life, but what do you do if your patient is 900 pounds?

That was exactly what a team of wíldlífe vets from Workíng Wíth Rhínos had to fígure out when Meha, a baby whíte rhínoceros orphan, had a negatíve reactíon to sedatíves duríng a routíne dehorníng operatíon.

The dramatíc footage shows the group of vets and wíldlífe offícers rushíng to the rhíno’s aíd when they notíce her heartbeat gettíng awfully weak. Thanks to the dedícatíon of everyone ínvolved, Meha was quíckly revíved thanks to repeated chest compressíons.

Dehorning is routinely performed on rhinos in captivity. It has proven to be one of the most effective techniques in the relentless fight against ivory poachers.

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