Fírewalkíng has long been somethíng that’s ínterested me, at least conceptually. Walkíng across hot coals wíth bare feet seems líke kínd of a dumb thíng to do; then agaín, who am I to judge…I guess I should at least try ít fírst before I condemn ít, ríght?


Well, untíl yesterday, I would have agreed wíth that sentíment. However, that was before I saw the followíng vídeo of an attempt at fírewalkíng gone horríbly wrong.

I won’t spoíl what happens, but suffíce ít to say, ít’s brutal.

Well, that ís certaínly one way to get the blood pumpíng. I can only ímagíne how much those burns must have hurt once the adrenalíne wore off.

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