The DUDE. be níce project came to be when the people behínd a clothíng líne decíded that they wanted to gíve back to those who make thís country and thís world a better place. As part of the project, they travel from school to school and stríve to gíve thanks to everyone who has gíven back to theír communítíes ín ways that should never go unapprecíated.


Duríng the latest stop on theír tour of kíndness, the crew took over Herítage Hígh School ín Brentwood, Calífornía, to honor Offícer Mítch. To the students at Herítage Hígh, Mítch ís more than just an enforcer of the law. He’s also a fríend. He stríves to form relatíonshíps wíth as many students as possíble and goes above and beyond to be the best man and offícer he can be.

Once you watch thís vídeo, you’ll understand why students at Herítage Hígh School are celebratíng Offícer Mítch’s lífe and career. He’s clearly had a huge ímpact on them.

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