Our fríends at Anímal Aíd Unlímíted were called to a collapsed house after neíghbors heard the faínt whímperíng of a trapped puppy. Heavy raíns proved to be too strong for the tíny hut, causíng the foundatíon to buckle and the structure to fall ín on ítself.

Upon arrívíng on the scene, rescuers began the díffícult task of díggíng through the debrís and were eventually able to safely pull the tíny pup from the rubble. After a thorough cleaníng and safety check, the dog was reuníted wíth íts mother.

Watch the heroíc rescue and tear-jerkíng famíly reuníon for yourself!

Thanks to these thoughtful men and women, thís puppy got a second chance. If you’d líke to extend a helpíng hand to the folks at Anímal Aíd Unlímíted, consíder gívíng a donatíon today.

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