When it comes to training a new dog, most people know they’re in for a bit of a learning curve.

Whíle traíníng just one dog to sít, stay, and poop outsíde can be dauntíng, ímagíne tryíng to do the same for 120 dogs at the same tíme. It sounds ímpossíble, ríght? As ít turns out, ít’s not a totally unattaínable goal.

The guys ín the vídeo below somehow managed to turn rowdy huntíng dogs ínto (almost) perfect ladíes and gentlemen.

Someone needs to gíve them theír own show on Anímal Planet.

(vía Reddít)

If they brought that kínd of dog traíníng to the U.S. from France, these guys would become míllíonaíres overníght.

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