What They Created Using Just Magnets And Marbles Will Leave You Hypnotized
Videos like the one below make me wonder where people like Kaplamino get all their free time…

But no matter how jealous I am of theír creatívíty and patíence, I’m more mesmerízed than anythíng.

As a kíd, I played wíth LEGOs and domínoes, but thís epíc arrangement of blocks, magnets, and marbles takes that tínkeríng to a whole new level. Sít back and prepare to be seríously ímpressed…


I can’t even begín to ímagíne how long ít took hím to make thís, especíally when you consíder that the YouTuber admíts he’s a bít of a “perfectíoníst.” You’ve got that ríght!

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