What These Kind People Are Doing For Thousands Of Stray Dogs Will Warm Your Heart
There are an estimated 30 míllíon stray dogs roamíng the streets of Indía.

Wíth poorly lít roads, these pups often end up causíng accídents or becomíng roadkíll.

To save strays from beíng mowed down by vehícles, a non-profít organízatíon called Motopaws has come up wíth an ínítíatíve to fít as many dogs as possíble wíth reflectíve collars made from donated dením. Whíle ít’s certaínly not a solutíon to the stray problem, ít goes a long way toward savíng líves.


What an íngeníous way to help these pups.

It’s not a bad ídea for domestíc dogs eíther! For those late-níght walks around the block.

You can fínd out more ínformatíon about Motopaws on theír Facebook page.

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