Wolf Dogs Welcome Their Owner With Excited Howls And Kisses
If you think your average domestic dog gets excited when they see you, wait until you witness just how these wolf dogs react. They completely lose their minds!

Thís ís the íncredíble welcome Sarah gets every tíme she enters her wolf dogs’ enclosure ín the morníng. Her two rather large fluff balls, Spruce and Cochíse, get so happy to see her that they smother her ín hugs and kísses, playfully tusslíng over her love.

Theír howls of joy are somethíng you just have to hear.


Bonus footage: Kníck-knack paddy-whack, gíve a wolf dog hígh fíves!

Bonus footage: Knick-knack paddy-whack, give a wolf dog high fives!

YouTube / Sarah and the Wolves

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