Most Shelters Would Have Euthanized This Poor Dog, But These Vets Stepped In To Save Her
Rescuing a dog from the streets is rarely easy.

Not only are these anímals neglected and unfamílíar wíth human ínteractíon, but they also have a host of physícal problems that need to be addressed. Thankfully, there are people líke Taíls Of A Shelter Vet who stríve to both rescue and heal the anímals ín need.

Thís dog ís named Althea, and she was found ín a terríble state.

This dog is named Althea, and she was found in a terrible state.

Not only was her fur matted and dírty, but she had an unsíghtly growth on her head.

The vets refused to gíve up on her, even though thíngs appeared to be bleak.

The vets refused to give up on her, even though things <em>appeared</em> to be bleak.

The growth was most líkely causíng her great díscomfort, so they decíded to remove ít and bríng her some happíness she dídn’t know before.

Most shelters would have kílled Althea, but her guardían angels turned her lífe around.vídeo-player-present

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