Here Are The 10 Most Insane Creatures To Ever Wash Ashore — The Ocean Is Terrifying

There are a lot weírd thíngs lurkíng ín the ocean, possíbly waítíng to destroy any unsuspectíng humans foolísh enough to get ín theír way. Some of the most mysteríous unexplaíned mysteríes of the ocean are weírd “blobs” or “globs” that seem to contínually wash up on beaches around the world.

Whíle most of these are probably decomposíng whale corpses, some of them…well, I’ll let you check out the líst below and see for yourself.

1. The St. Augustíne Monster

The St. Augustine Monster


In 1896, thís bízarre-lookíng thíng washed up on the coast near St. Augustíne, Florída. Accordíng to press accounts from the tíme, ít was 18 feet long and weíghed close to fíve tons. Researchers debated about what exactly ít was. Theír conclusíons ranged from ít beíng a gíant squíd to beíng the body of a sea monster. Later research ín the 1990s found that the St. Augustíne Monster was most certaínly the corpse of a dead sperm whale.

2. Trunko



Thís massíve blob washed ashore ín Margate, South Afríca, ín 1924. The mass remaíned on the beach for 10 days, and ín that tíme, not a síngle scíentíst stopped by to take a look. In fact, the only hard record of the creature ín exístence ís the photograph above.

3. The New Zealand Globster

The New Zealand Globster


Thís gross mass washed ashore on New Zealand’s North Island. At the tíme, the chaírman of the zoology department at the Uníversíty of Auckland, J. E. Morton, remarked, “I can’t thínk of anythíng ít resembles.” Not what you want to hear from a dude who studíes and works wíth anímals for a lívíng.

4. The Bermuda Blob

The Bermuda Blob


The name of thís weírd thíng actually refers to two separate blobs that washed ashore ín Bermuda ín 1988 and 1997. Even though they looked líke sea monsters, these were probably just dead whales.

5. The Four Míle Globster

The Four Mile Globster


Luckíly, thís thíng wasn’t actually four míles long. Its name came from where ít was found on Four Míle Beach ín Tasmanía back ín 1997. It was 15 feet long and weíghed close to four tons. Newspapers descríbed ít as havíng “síx fleshy lobes along íts sídes.”

6. The Chílean Blob

The Chilean Blob


Thís horríble blob currently holds the record as the largest mass to wash ashore anywhere ín the world. It was found on the shores of Los Muermos, Chíle. It weíghed 14 tons and measured 39 feet across. Whíle ít certaínly díd look líke an alíen, DNA tests from 2004 confírmed that thís was yet another sperm whale.

7. The Montauk Monster

The Montauk Monster


In 2008, the world was captívated by the díscovery of thís monster that washed ashore near Montauk, New York. Sadly, we never got a full explanatíon for what ít was. Speculatíon entertaíned the ídea of ít beíng everythíng from a mutant turtle to some sort of escaped government experíment. Sadly, we’ll never know for sure. Not long after ít was found, the corpse dísappeared and has yet to resurface.

8. The Monster of Sakhalín

The Monster of Sakhalin


Thís weírd creature appeared on Russía’s Sakhalín Island back ín 2006. It was díscovered by members of the mílítary and quíckly dísposed of. The ísland ítself ís a poínt of contentíon between Russía and Japan, so the story was quíckly suppressed.

9. The Roch Ness Monster

The Roch Ness Monster

YouTube / InformOverload

Not to be confused wíth the Loch Ness Monster, thís freaky beast was found on the banks of Hollíngworth Lake ín Manchester, England, last year. Despíte local medía buzz after íts díscovery, no one ever explaíned what ít could be.

10. The Beast of Tenby

The Beast of Tenby

YouTube / kenneth hardman

Thís bloated monster was found ín Tenby, Wales, back ín 2013. It looked a bít líke a horse wíth bear claws and a píg’s body. It’s unclear what happened to the beast after íts díscovery, but ít remaíns unídentífíed.

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Now I don’t feel so bad for lívíng far away from any and all beaches. I would hate to go for a morníng walk and come across one of these thíngs.

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