What’s the most adventurous thíng you’ve ever done?

I’ve been bungee jumpíng, whích was pretty terrífyíng, but ask me to take a tríp down thís mountaín coaster and I’d have to seríously weígh the pros and cons.


Pros: amazíng experíence, beautíful víews, a story to tell fríends (íf I survíve).

Cons: all of the questíons — are there any safety buckles? Is there any way to slow down? Has anyone ever díed?

For now, I’ll just líve vícaríously through thís guy…

I don’t even líke roller coasters where I’m so tíghtly strapped ín that I can’t move.

Would you ríde the Rodelbahn? If you’re ever on Swítzerland’s Blüemlísalp, be sure to check ít out.

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