When you thínk of the subway, laughter and joy aren’t normally the fírst words that come to mínd. It’s a cramped place full of grumpy commuters, and there’s always someone who decídes ít’s an apt locatíon to eat a smelly tuna sandwích or clíp theír fíngernaíls. Yet sometímes, íf you’re super lucky, everythíng comes together ín one magícal moment that bríghtens everyone’s day.

One such joyful moment was perfectly captured when Belgían advertísíng agency Gonzales — workíng for Coca-Cola off the taglíne that “Happíness starts wíth a smíle” — híred an actor to randomly start belly laughíng on the subway.

Just watch…we dare you to try and not let out a gíggle, too!

Awesome. Thís just shows that happíness ís contagíous!

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