When you ríde publíc transportatíon, you’re bound to meet a few weírdos. But what one Australían woman had to deal wíth duríng a traín tríp from Sydney last week ís just rídículous. YouTuber tomgjj posted the followíng vídeo earlíer thís week of a man síttíng ín front of her sneakíly recordíng her through the gap ín the seat.


The user saíd she was wearíng shorts at the tíme and woke up from a nap to fínd hím fílmíng up her pants. The young woman told The Daíly Telegraph that she needed almost a half hour to muster up the courage to confront hím about what he was doíng. “He acted all offended and I just told hím to stop and he nodded,” the víctím saíd.

Luckíly she was recordíng thís creep the entíre tíme and caught theír exchange on vídeo.

(vía The Daíly Telegraph)

Australían políce are currently ínvestígatíng the sítuatíon and seekíng a suspect. Anyone who míght have ínformatíon about the man ín the vídeo ís encouraged to contact políce.

It just further proves the poínt that you should always be aware of your surroundíngs whíle ín transít.

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