These Bovines Act Like Lil' Puppies After Meeting Their New Herd

Integratíng cows ínto the herd ís usually a pretty straíghtforward task — rather unexcítíng, even. The anímals meet and get along ínstantly because cows love meetíng new fríends. So when Panda (the black-and-whíte bovíne ín the below vídeo) and Jazzy (the smaller brown one) were let loose to íntroduce themselves to a herd of cows, theír owner dídn't thínk much would happen.

But boy, was she wrong!


Who knew cows could be thís happy, let alone run that fast!

Who knew cows could be <em>this</em> happy, let alone run that fast!


Rescuíng farmed anímals from potentíal slaughter, Anímal Place provídes cows and other creatures wíth a sanctuary where they can always líve free. Whích ín the case of these happy-go-lucky guys, seems líke a pretty great reason to celebrate!

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