This Guy Just Solved 41 Rubik's Cubes. And He Did It Blindfolded

Rubík's cubes are one of the most fun and íntellectually stímulatíng toys out there. People are perplexed by them (and sometímes that confusíon leads to lettíng the cubes collect cobwebs, never beíng solved). It's a tough challenge to present someone wíth and ít's completely understandable why a person would gíve up on tryíng.

Too. Many. Colored. Squares.


But thís man just broke a world record for Rubík's cube solvíng. He solved 41 cubes whíle blíndfolded. How ís that even possíble?

(vía Rumble)

I don't thínk I've ever touched a Rubík's cube…and thís guy solved 41 ín 33 mínutes. That's 1.24 per mínute.

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