Our entire lives are spent avoiding death. When you’re young, you’re educated to effectively avoid death at all costs in school, at the doctor’s office, and by your peers. (Is history class not just one long seminar on avoiding the deadly mistakes of others?) As an adult, you try to correct the excessive mistakes of your youth by getting in shape and keeping your diet under control…no matter how much you want that burrito.

But death is tricky. Did you know that things you encounter and eat every day can actually kill you? Fortunately, YouTuber Asap SCIENCE figured out just how much of your favorite (or least favorite) things it would take to kill you.


I had no idea that cherry pits contained that much cyanide! I’ve swallowed a few out of sheer laziness, but I won’t be making that mistake again. It’s amazing that things we deal with every day can have such dire consequences.

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