Cat fights are a pretty common occurrence on most soap operas, but this hilarious take on the daytime dramas puts a more literal perspective on that with their cast of feline stars.

This silly sketch from Barely Productions, produced by Field Day, sees the human actors playing second fiddle to their kitty costars. The cats tackle all the classic, over-the-top soap opera tales like pros — and even manage to make it through without getting a single glass of water thrown in their faces, thank goodness.

Nurse Kathy has a bad habit of dipping into the hospital’s stash.

Dr. Scratch Adams thinks laughter is the best medicine.

And, of course, there’s the love triangle.

Tune in for those stories and more in this episode of Cat Hospital…

Thank goodness the claws didn’t have to come out. This is definitely a show that’ll have you on the edge of your seat every day…doubled over, laughing.

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