Photographer Amanda Jones has been taking stunning portraits of dogs for 20 years now, and considers herself something of a canine psychiatrist-trainer-photographer hybrid. She’s dedicated her whole professional life to capturing our faithful companions in their best light, but it was her own pooch that inspired her to call up old clients to see if she could have a second photo sesh.

Lily, from eight months to 15 years.

Lily is Jones’ pooch who inspired Dog Years. Seeing the two pictures side by side made her realize how much the dachshund had been through with her family.

Abigale, from four months to eight years.

After taking the second portrait of her own pup, she started calling old clients.

Audrey, from three years to 12 years.

…And the project kept expanding with more and more lifetimes of stories demonstrated by the aged pups.

Maddy, from five years to ten years.

Sometimes they’d gone all grey…

Cooper, from three years to ten years.

…And other times, they hadn’t really changed much at all.

As she says in the intro to her new book, Dog Years…

“My shoots are about so much more than the photographs; they are about the dogs and the people who love them.”

“Owners and dogs had aged, become gray, wrinkled in the eyes, and less spry.”

Then again, others don’t seem to age at all.

The one thing that she noticed always stays the same after working with these pups and their humans…

Is the bond that people have with their beloved pets, the bond that’s grown from years of standing by their sides and experiencing all the big moments in life together.

To see all 30 of the lifetimes Jones captured, with anecdotes from the dogs’ humans, make sure to pick up a copy of her book!

You can also check out her website, as well as her Facebook, for more lovely photos.

It really is amazing to see these transitions like this. It reminds you of all the life you and your pet have lived together, and how much brighter they’ve made your days.

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