Bird feeders are fantastic. Sure, you might have to chase away some rogue squirrels now and again, but these little feeders provide us with a way to commune with nature, and birds with a little afternoon snack. On any given day, you could see a few little birds chowing down right outside your window.

Or you could experience what YouTuber Scott Moore refers to as a “feeder frenzy.” Thanks to some delicious sugar water, these hummingbirds decided that Moore’s bird feeder was the place to be. He captured a whirlwind of fluttering on film, and it’s just as great as it sounds.

At first, it seemed like it’d be a tranquil morning at the Moore residence.

But after a while, this unassuming birdie hangout was swarmed by hungry hummingbirds.

Watch the cute little frenzy below:

Oh, and that’s not all. This is just one of three hummingbird feeders that the Moores have on their property, and each one is usually just as crowded as this. According to the homeowners, these birds are regulars.

“We are trying our best to keep these hummingbirds fed,” he says, “but there are so many that we are going through pounds of sugar a week.”

That’s awesome for the hummingbirds…but not so awesome for the family’s bank account.

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