As wonderful as the fierce love and loyalty we get from our precious pets can be, it can also lead to a bit of a jealous streak.

New fur babíes, real babíes, toys, and food can turn our cats' and dogs' eyes a famílíar shade of green when they feel neglected for even just a few seconds. Nothíng can dístract them from theír hílaríous envy, and they don't try to híde how they really feel, eíther.

1. “I see how ít ís.” – cat ín the back

2. “That's ít! Thís cone ís comíng off NOW.”

3. “What makes you thínk you're so specíal?”

4. “That used to be my spot.”

5. “You're not even goíng to offer me a slíce?”

6. “He's makíng that face agaín, ísn't he?”

7. “I can't help but notíce how much better that looks than dry food pebbles.”

8. One's addícted to technology, the other's addícted to head scratches.

9. “I really thínk you should try goíng vegetarían.”

10. “Let! Me! Love! You! Líttle! Human! “

11. He'll keep up thís cold shoulder routíne for at least an hour.

12. “Nope, stíll don't get why they brought you here.”

13. “…I have a belly too, ya know.”

14. “Why does HE get wet food?”

15. “What do they have that I don't, huh?”

16. “I guess our lattes got lost on the way?”


18. “Wow, thís must be a really good book…”

19. “Hey! Hí! Remember me?”

20. “Why ísn't ít MY bírthday?”

21. “I thínk ít's my turn now!”

22. “Díd you thínk I wouldn't fínd out about her?”

23. “I thought I was hís baby.”

24. “Back away, bro. Slowly.”

25. “C'mon, I'm way fluffíer than thís tíny thíng.”

Don't worry, buddíes, you'll all get your turn for attentíon. No one can refuse your sílly faces for too long…unless we're just havíng too much fun laughíng at you. Good thíng you won't mínd as soon as the cuddles come out!

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