One day, Kyle Bice headed over to his local drink-and-draw, a community activity where artsy types get together for a few pints and create artwork. On that day, however, Bice realized something: he’d forgotten his paints.

That small detail might have put a damper on things, but luckily, Bice is pretty innovative. Instead of having to rely on a fellow artist for materials, he simply used what was available: beer.

Bice simply dipped a brush into his stout and began painting. And thus, the Beer Portraits were born.

By using the beer, Bice achieves delicate sepia tones and a loose, watercolor-like style. The result is a timeless look, calling to mind vintage photos, but the Impressionistic style keeps it modern.

Bice has strong ties to the craft brewing world, too. He works as a label artist for New Holland Brewing, based out of Holland, Michigan, and he’s also a published author. After going on a promotional tour with New Holland, he found he could turn the Beer Portraits into a regular part of his work.

Today, he interviews and paints brewers, artists, musicians, chefs, and all kinds of creative people.

He doesn’t just do portraits of people. Bice has also branched out into animals, cartoons, and fantasy creatures.

Bice at work with his medium of choice.

You can read the interviews with some of Bice’s sitters on his website, and see more of his work, too. When he’s not painting with beer, he also creates more traditional illustrations and paintings, which can be seen on his portfolio site. You can also watch his newest art unfold on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Originals are even available on his Etsy store for purchase.

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