Many people absolutely hate the woods. I mean, who would want to risk being lost in a forest? Without a few basic survival skills, it’d be impossible to make it in the wild for more than a few days. For many hikers, that scenario becomes an unfortunate reality.

But fear not! We have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves that will help you build a makeshift shelter if you ever find yourself lost in nature.

1. Get a rock and sharpen it so that it can chop down a few small trees.

2. Use it like a hatchet to cut them down.

3. Create a base foundation for your hut by hammering a hole into the ground.

4. Grab some long, pliable weeds. You can use these like string to secure parts of your shelter.

5. Tie the different portions of your base together.

6. Frame a basic outline for the roof.

7. Grab some dead leaves and lay them out on the roof like shingles.

8. Stabilize your foundation with more support.

9. Build yourself a bed.

10. Split some smaller branches in half.

11. Use those to build up the walls.

12. Continue this process until there’s an effective barrier.

13. Create a fire with friction and sticks.

14. Blow on the embers to stoke the flame.

15. Now you have a primitive shelter for yourself in the woods!

Just try not to burn it down with that fire in there, okay?

Now that you know how to make a protective shelter in the forest, your next hiking trip will be much more relaxing.

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