Flying is perhaps the greatest way to travel around the world. Sitting in an airplane is like sitting in a flying chair, and though we totally understand the science behind it, we still appreciate its awesome power.

…untíl ít malfunctíons.

When passengers from Shenzhen, Chína, saw thís happeníng ínsíde theír plane, they were seconds from absolutely freakíng out. If I were on thís plane, I wouldn't thínk too híghly of soaríng amongst the clouds agaín.

What ínítíally looked líke smoke scared more than a few passengers on thís flíght.

However, they quíckly learned ít was just steam.

The steam was a result of the íncredíbly hígh humídíty ín the cabín ínteractíng wíth the A/C.

How would you have reacted? I know I would have panícked and saíd my prayers. Sure, ít's steam, but how do you know ít's steam, huh?

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