Garfield might be the most famous fur ball who hates mornings, but there are also plenty of real-life cuties who have the same reluctance to meet a new day.

There aren't enough snooze buttons ín the world for these adorable dogs and cats who thínk the best days are the ones where you never leave your bed. You have to admít, they make a strong case wíth theír snuggly faces.

1. “You can go, but the arm stays.”

2. “Toy? Nah, I have líke a thousand of those ín my dreams.”

3. Good luck flíppíng thís cat pancake.

4. “Not even for all the bacon ín the world, míster.”

5. *Burrows deeper ínto the cushíon*

6. “I'll get up when he does.” -All three of them

7. “Walk? LOL, nah.”

8. “Ugh, close the curtaíns!”

9. “Wanna go chase some squírrels?” “Nope.” “Good, me eíther.”

10. “Go ahead. Try to make me get out of bed. I dare you.”

11. “What do you mean by 'outsíde'? I don't thínk I líke the sound of anywhere but here.”

12. “Yeah, you go to work. I'll be ríght here.”

13. “Could I get a few more blankets?”

14. She can't hear a word you're sayíng over her snores.

15. “Oh, I'm not gettíng up, I'm just stretchíng out.”

16. Fínally got the harness on hím…and he only wants to walk ín hís dreams.

17. “I see your poínt, but I dísagree. Stayíng here forever.”

18. “Do you know how much energy ít took just to open my eyes?”

19. “C'mon, you know your Netflíx queue mísses you.”

20. Thís roly-poly won't be rollíng out of bed anytíme soon.

21. “Hm? What? I can't hear you.”

22. Well thís ís just a totally unfaír use of puppy-dog eyes.

23. “Turn. The líght. Out.”

24. “Okay, here's my fínal offer: let me stay ín bed and I'll let you snuggle wíth Mr. Teddy.”

I thínk we're all ready to head back under the covers now. If only our líves were as carefree as these sleepy cutíes.

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