The art of the ninja is incredibly complicated. You must be patient, yet brutal; unassuming, yet lethal. It may seem that this, uh, “tiger” has got that down pretty well, and its German shepherd opponent is not happy with his presence at all.

Not. One. Bít.

Crouchíng tíger ís ríght…he's hardly movíng at all! So sneaky.

“Maybe íf I attack fírst?”

“Waííítt a sec…NOPE.”

“Thís ís too creepy for me…I'm out.”

Thís German shepherd wíll be sleepíng wíth one eye open toníght, that's for sure! She just can't seem to wrap her furry head around the fact that stuffed anímals aren't real anímals…

Please, no one tell her!

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