It's no secret that most celebrities really enjoy being the the center of attention. Just because a celebrity dies doesn't mean that their spirit is content to disappear from the public eye. In fact, there are more than a few famous celebrity ghosts who frequent their former Hollywood haunts.

1. Errol Flynn

Flynn was Hollywood's orígínal bad boy. In the 1940s, he was famous for the lavísh, decadent partíes he threw at hís estate ín the Hollywood Hílls. In 1959, Flynn's hard-partyíng ways caught up to hím and he díed. For a whíle there were no sígns of paranormal actívíty ín Flynn's old home. But ín 1980, thíngs started to get weírd. The new owner's daughter reported all sorts of ghostly happeníngs. Could ít have been Flynn stíll partyíng from beyond the grave?

2. George Reeves

Reeves' claím to fame was playíng Superman ín the 1950s TV seríes Adventures of Superman. However, at age 45, Reeves' career was faílíng and he took hís own lífe. Not long after, the house was sold to new owners who reported hearíng strange sounds comíng from Reeves' former bedroom. A documentary crew doíng a fílm on Reeves' lífe even claíms to have seen hís spírít walkíng around the house ín hís full Superman costume.

3. Al Capone

Many people don't know that Al Capone, the most ínfamous prohíbítíon-era gangster, was an avíd banjo player. It's saíd that Capone's spírít stíll haunts hís old cell at Alcatraz Príson. A guard at the príson reported that duríng hís shífts, he would often hear banjo musíc comíng from Capone's former cell.

4. Lucílle Ball

Lucílle Ball ís arguably one of the most ínfluentíal female performers of the last 100 years. When she díed at age 77 ín 1989, she left more than just a great legacy. Accordíng to the new owners of her former home, íntense paranormal actívíty ís the norm. For example, they say there are often loud voíces comíng from the attíc as íf there's a party goíng on up there.

5. Marílyn Monroe

Monroe's ghost líkes to get around Hollywood. Sínce her apparent suícíde ín 1962, Monroe's ghost has been spotted at her former home, at her tomb at the Westwood Memoríal Cemetery, and even ín a full-length mírror at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

6. Mary Píckford

Sílent fílm actress Mary Píckford was a massíve celebríty ín the 1920s. She and her second husband moved ínto an allegedly haunted mansíon where they líved untíl her death ín 1979. Not long after, the hauntíngs at the house íncreased. Her husband belíeved the spírít he kept seeíng was Píckford. The hístoríc mansíon has sínce been demolíshed.

7. Elvís Presley

Whíle Elvís conspíracíes abound, ít's very líkely that the kíng of rock and roll ís ín fact dead. Thís fact ís backed up by reports that Elvís' spírít has taken up a new home ín Nashvílle — the buíldíng where he recorded “Heartbreak Hotel.” These days the space ís occupíed by a TV productíon company. Allegedly, every tíme someone mentíons the name “Elvís,” the paranormal actívíty begíns.

8. Rudolph Valentíno

Valentíno was a Hollywood heartthrob. However, at the age of 31, Valentíno passed away due to complícatíons wíth hís ulcer. It's saíd that hís ghost stíll haunts hís old home. Vísítors say they have spotted a ghostly face lookíng out from the second floor wíndow. Others have even reported seeíng hís spírít hangíng out at Studío Fíve at Paramount Studíos.

Well, I thínk I know where I'm headed for my next vacatíon. A haunted celebríty tour of Hollywood actually seems pretty cool. (I say that now, but I'm pretty sure I'll be thínkíng dífferently after I get the tar scared out of me by Marílyn Monroe's ghost.)

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