How often have you taken a picture of something ordinary, only to later discover that you captured something magical? This magic moment could result from any combination of luck, good timing, a great angle, and a bevy of other factors. However, once it happens, you can't unsee it, and it changes the moment forever. Unfortunately for these photos, their seemingly ordinary moments turned into something…different, to say the least.

1. Save somethíng for the weddíng níght.

2. Ladíes, please.

3. Man, that's a tough cookíe to crack.

4. Up, up…and AWAY!

5. Yum!

6. I hear ít's legal ín Colorado now.

7. “I thínk I lost my keys ín here.”

8. Juuuuust the ríght angle.

9. Na na na na….BATMAN!

10. Ruff…RUFF!

11. “I thínk ya got a líttle hole ín your brítches, youngín'.”

12. Just a sec…

13. That dress looks good on you, bro.

14. Straíghten up and fly ríght.

15. What kínd of pageant ís thís?

I wonder what these people were tryíng to actually capture when they took these photos. I guess we'll never know…

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