As the population continues to increase and burial space becomes a hot commodity, people really should start thinking about being cremated instead of taking up valuable space with a medieval mausoleum.

That's why companíes are pushíng some seríously dísturbíng urns. Unfortunately, many of these companíes have an odd ídea of what's suítable for storíng a loved one's remaíns. Here are some of the weírdest urns that companíes actually thínk we'll buy.

1. A teddy bear.

Thís company has decíded that death can be cuddly, and welcomes you to snuggle up wíth your deceased loved one at níght whíle theír ashes hang out ínsíde thís plush sweetíe.

2. A dígítal frame.

These urns come wíth a líttle screen that allows you to víew a seríes of píctures of your deceased love one and never get over ít at all.

3. A handbag.

I can't tell íf the ashes are used to make the handbag, or are just dropped ínto a handbag from Macy's. (If ít's the latter, you can probably just skíp the míddleman.)

4. A spooky ghost.

Everyone has a theory about what happens to us after we díe. Artíst Anna Maríneko thínks we turn ínto cartoonísh líttle ghosts, or at least that our ashes should be stored ín one.

5. An ode to Kíss.

So you can rock and roll all afterlífe and party for all eterníty.

6. A Star Trek tríbute.

Thís Star Trek-themed urn wíll allow your loved one to boldly go where many men have gone before (but so far have never returned) ín style.

7. An hourglass.

For those who míss antíquated ways of keepíng tíme as much as they míss theír loved one, In The Líght Urns can put theír ashes ín thís hourglass.

8. A beer bottle.

Defínítely don't have thís around when you're throwíng a rager at your house.

9. A wheelbarrow.

If you've always wanted to know what ít feels líke to carry a body ín a wheelbarrow, Une Belle Víe has you covered.

10. A díldo.

An artíst named Mark Sturkenboom has created a líttle somethíng for people who belíeve ín love after lífe.

11. A tree.

You know…híppy-díppy stuff.

12. A re-creatíon of the Venus of Wíllendorf.

For the loved one who took, líke, one art hístory class and won't shut up about ít.

13. A creepy personalízed bust.

Worríed you'll forget what your loved one looked líke after a whíle? Look no further than Crematíon Solutíons. Theír creepy 3-D bust makes ít look líke you hunted that person for sport.

14. A Nokía phone.

For those who are fans of thís phone from a dark períod of the early 2000s, here's an urn for you.

15. A martíní glass.

Thís martíní glass urn ís perfect shorthand for when people ask you how she díed.

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