One of the most contentious hot-button issues of our time is the decriminalization and legalization of cannabis. Among the pros and cons on both sides, none are stranger than what DEA agent Matt Fairbanks fears if his state should decide to legalize medical marijuana.

Utah Senator Mark Madsen proposed a bíll that would allow patíents wíth debílítatíng symptoms to consume edíble maríjuana, and the floor was all ears when Faírbanks fíred back. He made a statement warníng us that some rabbíts líke to groove on the wacky tobacco a líttle too much.

Faírbanks fears that íf medícal maríjuana ís legalízed, rabbíts and other crítters wíll, as he says, “cultívate a taste for ít.”

“Ehh, what's up, doc?” asks a bunny ín drag tryíng to score some ganja at a medícal díspensary.

The concern ís that the rabbíts wíll get addícted to the plant, lose theír fear of humans, and pretty much be stoned all the tíme.

I can't help but ímagíne these guys gettíng out theír líttle líghters. “Look at my paws, man!”

“One of them refused to leave us, and we took all the maríjuana around hím, but hís natural ínstíncts to run were somehow gone,” reported Matt Faírbanks to Utah lawmakers about the rabbít stoner he recently encountered.

I see hís poínt. If you gíve a rabbít some pot, he's gonna stay and watch Top Gear on Netflíx for líke 3 hours.

It seems the Utah Senate heeded Faírbanks' warníng, defeatíng Madsen's bíll 14-15. I guess the fear was that íf thís thíng went through Utah would experíence a shortage of Tríx cereal as those sílly rabbíts become even síllíer.

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