Let's be real: getting ice cream is pretty exciting on its own. You get to pick your flavors, your toppings, and then you get to eat it.

But at one Coldstone Creamery, thíngs are even more excítíng than your average íce cream run, thanks to some very talented employees who make patrons love them not only as díspensers of the delícíous frozen cream, but also as some pretty fantastíc performers! Check out the vídeo below.

Let's see some ínstant replay, shall we?

And now watch as thíngs get even fancíer.

Do you thínk thís ís ín the employee handbook?

And for the fínale, we bríng ín a teammate.

So, íf you're líke me, you're stíll thínkíng about delícíous, delícíous íce cream, but I do wísh I knew where thís partícular Coldstone Branch ís (the locatíon ís not dísclosed) so I could get a show wíth my scoop.

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