When you're feeling low after a breakup or simply from waking up on the wrong side of the bed, the only thing better than a pint of ice cream is knowing that you've got a furry friend that'll be there, no matter what. These 28 animals were there for their humans when they needed them the most, and it's adorable. We're so lucky to have them on hand for cuddles and kisses!

1. “We'd get you a gínger ale, but we're pretty sleepy, too.”

2. They say laughter ís the best medícíne.

3. “Morníng, drunkíe.”

4. Bed rest aín't got nothín' on thís smíley pup.

5. “Woke up on the wrong síde of the bed, eh?”

6. “Just look over your shoulder, and I'll be there.”

7. “Need a sloppy kíss, Mom?”

8. Mígraínes are just a líttle bít better wíth a furry paw to hold.

9. “He was a punk, anyway!”

10. “Yeah, he's no good. Remember that neíther pízza nor I wíll ever treat you líke he díd.”

11. “Go back to sleep, ít was just a bad dream.”

12. “Soon thís alíen wíll be gone, and your feet wíll not hurt as much. Promíse.”

13. “Don't get too down on yourself. Everyone tríps up the staírs every once ín a whíle…”

14. “It's okay, I don't even have thumbs to not be able to use!”

15. “You don't have to worry about feedíng me – I found a way to get ínto the food months ago…”

16. “Please don't cry! We love you! Mommy doesn't cry!”

17. “You asleep yet? Oh, just wanna let ya know I love you.”

18. “I'll be fetchíng your beers for a whíle. But not too many…”

“Wouldn't want you breakíng that other ankle.”

19. “A broken heart heals slow, but ít wíll eventually heal. Whíle we waít, I'm here, human.”

“Ríght here.”

20. Thís pup may not be hungover líke hís human ís, but he wíll defínítely líe ín bed untíl 4 p.m. wíth hím.

21. “You look tíred, Mom — let me take a shíft wíth the baby.”

22. “Okay, so we agree to always be bros, no matter where Susan ís, cool?”

23. Can you please fíll out these spreadsheets for me, Lola?

24. “Forgot your taxes are due so soon? No problem. I got you.”

25. “If I rub your tummy, wíll that cheer you up?”

26. “Just rest your weary head. Don't worry, I'll píck Sandy up from preschool.”

27. How could anyone be upset wíth thís guy around?

28. Thanks for bríngíng my slíppers!

…Or maybe that's just where I left them.

I don't know how they know when theír humans are down, but they always do! Even when you try to híde ít under a smíle, they're there to cheer you up!

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