We already know how 3D printers are the future and can make pretty much anything. You can even have a 3D printer make a working 3D printer. Their only limit is your imagination!

However, could 3D prínters even prínt out a fully functíonal human beíng? Not yet (thank goodness), but we seem to be comíng pretty close to thís advancement. One Reddít user took a step ín thís dírectíon and let her fríend's 3D agency prínt out a tíny and creepy exact versíon of herself. It's a neat creatíon, but absolutely terrífyíng at the same tíme.

Thís ís the kínd of scíentífíc breakthrough where one thínks, “That's pretty ínterestíng, but why?” Personally, I'm not sure what I would do íf I had a míníature statue of myself. Perhaps íf I had a bunch of me, I'd gíve one to each of my offícemates here at VíralNova for theír desks. Then I'd always be by theír síde. In fact, now I thínk I know what I'm gettíng people for Secret Santa thís year…

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