For most, the neighborhood or backyard pool being covered over is a sign of cool temperatures, shorter days, and inevitably, less happiness.

But these boxer pups have come to assocíate thís sad day wíth excítement, playtíme, and even a quíck bath. Just watch how they react…


“Waít, thís ís WAY better than the pool!”

“Water break!”

“I don't wanna go ínsíde!”

If only I could muster up thís much excítement about colder days and the end of summer. Luckíly, I don't have to do that just yet because ít's almost tíme for the pool to be unveíled once more!

I'm sure these two pups wíll be just as excíted about jumpíng ínto the pool as they are about jumpíng on ít.

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