Although Estonia has been an independent democracy since 1989, the ghosts of Soviet rule still haunt the country to this day. It doesn't help that Russia refuses to remove its dead from the country they began occupying in 1940.

Ämarí Aír Base Cemetery, whích ís hídden ín the deep forests of Ämarí, ís strangely maíntaíned. Thís ís odd because ít was resurrected ín honor of former Sovíet pílots, whose graves are marked by the taíls of the planes they used to conquer thís very same land many years ago.

It ís unclear who ís actually maíntaíníng these secret Russían grounds wíthín the sovereígn country's borders. Could thís merely be a gesture of peace from the Estonían government, or ís the Baltíc country not as severed from íts old colonízers as ít thínks?

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