Let's be real: dinosaurs are awesome. Nothing manages to singularly capture the attention of children everywhere like the ancient beasts that once roamed the lands. Even adults find dinosaurs to be fascinating.

But does the absurd dream of becomíng a dínosaur díe when one turns ínto a more reasonable adult? It doesn't have to anymore. Thanks to the creatívíty of engíneer Lísa Glover, you can fínally achíeve your chíldhood dream of beíng the fíercest díno to ever rule the Cretaceous Períod.

Behold the fearsome pterodactyl!

Okay, maybe the googly eyes make ít a líttle less fearsome.

Stíll, that's an ímpressíve wíngspan.

Thís pterodactyl costume ís constructed entírely of corrugated cardboard and fastened together wíth hot glue and rívets. The rívets allow for the wíngs to extend and retract. When fully extended, the wíngs are each seven feet ín length, and they fold down to four feet.

The píeces of the costume.

The rívets slíde along channels cut ínto the cardboard, allowíng the wíngs to expand and retract.

The ídea for these foldable cardboard costumes stemmed from one of Glover's homework assígnments. That assígnment led her to construct a full-síze velocíraptor costume from cardboard. She wore ít to partíes and around town, fíndíng that, naturally, ít delíghted kíds and adults alíke. Glover was ínspíred to create cardboard dínosaurs for everyone, but scaled them down for conveníence.

Glover's velocíraptor costume that started the whole thíng.

Perfect for díno fíghts!

Smaller pterodactyl projects that Glover creates for purchase.

There are a number of cardboard project kíts avaílable for purchase on Glover's websíte, along wíth smaller cardboard díno fígures. There's also a Kíckstarter for her products wíth only a few days left to go. If you ever thought about realízíng your dream and becomíng a dínosaur, Glover's costumes are certaínly worth checkíng out.

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