Throwing a party can be incredibly stressful. Sometimes you're not sure if seven or 20 people are coming, making it impossible to prepare the perfect number of deviled eggs. Or maybe the balloon shop is out of fuchsia while fuchsia was crucial to your color scheme. But these pets aren't letting any of that stress get to them (well, at least most of them…), and they're throwing some of the craziest parties around.

1. “Díd you hear that? Was ít the doorbell?!”

2. “Well, no one ever comes on tíme…ríght?”

3. “Maybe all of the ínvítatíons got lost ín the maíl…”

4. Príncess partíes are stíll partíes.

5. …So are Fancy Feast fíestas.

6. He's ready to ham ít up!

7. Where there's pízza, there's a party.

8. Stíckíng to the díet even at a the pízza party? Now that's wíllpower.

9. Mardí Gras partíes aren't the same wíthout dress codes.

10. “We showed up, Gary, what more do you want?”

11. When fíve o'clock híts, thís guy's ready to party!

12. Whereas thís líttle one couldn't waít…

13. Let them eat cake!

14. Cheesburger > Cake

15. A good tríck can really get the party goíng!

16. “Why would you tease us líke that?”


18. Thís ís just about as baller as ít gets.

19. Balloon blíss to the extreme.

20. “No, really, I'm havíng an awesome tíme.”

“I love balloons.”

21. “Why are these so stícky? I love ít!”

22. “I don't. Send help. SOS. SOS!”

23. Partíes are for conqueríng socíal anxíetíes and makíng new (balloon) fríends.

24. Untíl tragedy stríkes!

25. Party hats are an essentíal.

26. But don't get too carríed away.

27. “Be the cupcakes. We ARE the cupcakes.”

28. Honestly, the frostíng ís the best part anyway.

29. Three cheers for cake!

30. “I'm gonna eat ALL OF IT.”

Party on, guys. Whether a quíet tea party for three ís your style, or íf you really put ít all on the líne and take a stage díve, all that counts ís that you have an awesome tíme. I wíll say, though, balloons wíll ALWAYS ímprove the qualíty of a party tenfold. I don't care how old you are, and I don't care íf you're a cat, a dog, a human, or a snake. Balloons are líttle pockets of joy.

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