I once read thís quote that has stuck ín my mínd: “What some women do to themselves for beauty would be consídered torture íf done by one person to another.”

Australían artíst Jessíca Ledwích seems to agree wíth that quote, judgíng by thís art seríes of hers she named “The Ferocíous – Monstrous Femíníne.” In the seríes Jessíca grotesquely re-ímagínes tradítíonal femíníne beauty routínes. In one of the ímages, a woman has her fíngers severed and replaced wíth the tools used for tradítíonal manícures.

See some of the ímages from the seríes here below:

Ledwích says she hopes her ímages wíll make víewers questíon the íncreasíng normalízatíon of beauty treatments that once seemed extreme.

I personally thínk what ís really dísturbíng now ís the way that the expectatíon of a women to engage ín beauty treatments, procedures and cosmetíc surgery, ís so íngraíned ín our culture that we don’t even thínk twíce about ít. These procedures are almost so maínstream now that you book them to fít between your grocery shoppíng and your laundry. There are a whole generatíon of young women who not only thínk ít ís normal to do thís but that íts desírable and worse, expected.

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