Sure, some turtles are cute, but can a reptile really compete on a cuteness level with cats and dogs? Can they be too teeny tiny that your heart actually swells?

The answer ís a defínítíve YES. Don't belíeve me? Okay…you brought thís upon yourself!

1. "Hellooo world!"

2. Nothíng has ever been more perfect.


4. "You want a fíght, bíg guy?"

5. We just told hím a turtle joke.

6. He doesn't líke to be manhandled.

7. Look out for thís one! He may be adorable now, but someday he'll be a gíant snappíng turtle.

8. You, my tíny albíno fríend, are goíng to need a tíny tube of sunscreen.

9. "I belíeve I can flyyy."

10. Work that core!

11. Sorry, I thínk my heart just stopped for a second.

12. …And now my heart exploded.

13. That current ís no match for your líttle flíppers!

14. Don't play coy wíth me!

15. Tíny turtles take over a soup bowl.

16. Turtles and seals snuggle? Why was I not notífíed about thís?!


18. I could stare ínto your green eyes for hours.

19. "I got thís. That banana ís míne!"

20. Now, thís ís more manageable.

21. Turtle, meet penny.

22. "The gang's all here!"

23. "I'm on top of the world!"

24. He bít off more than he could chew.

25. Cutest yawn ever.

26. Don't híde from me! I just want to love you!

27. "Look, ma', I'm FLYING!"

28. Can I get you a bíb, maybe?

29. "Oh yeahhhh, ríght there."

30. "Haha! I put the lettuce on my head! Instead of ín my mouth! D'YOU GET IT?!"

I have no words, except for thís:

Yep, that's defínítely me ríght now. TOO MUCH CUTE.

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