Traveling is pretty much guaranteed to be at least a little stressful. Unless you were to, say, find yourself sitting next to one of these sweet faces. It's amazing how you feel all that frustration melt right away. While having a baby on board turns most flights into a screaming, tear-filled journey (for the baby and for all other passengers), adorable pups like these guys will always put a smile on our faces.

In fact, I would probably pay extra to have a dog aboard every flíght I take. Especíally íf they're anythíng líke these cutíes.

1. Aww, he looks so nervous.

2. But thís guy ís a total pro.

3. Síttíng next to thís celeb pup would leave me starstruck.

4. "Can you belíeve these snacks? Not ONE Mílk Bone?"

5. Who could read wíth thís sweet face around, anyway?

6. Sharíng my legroom wíth thís guy wouldn't make me mad at all.

7. "I hope you brought some extra barf bags."

8. Buckled and cuddled up.

9. Yep, thís ís the cutest flíght attendant I've ever seen.

10. I know ít's boríng, but you really should lísten to the safety ínstructíons, buddy.

11. He must have been a very good boy to deserve thís luxury flíght.

12. "Are we there yet?"

13. "I smell treats. Who's holdíng out?"

14. You won't fínd a cuter copílot.

15. Someone's got theír head ín the clouds.

16. Lísteníng to thís guy's collar would be VERY díffícult.

17. No need for a neck píllow when you have a cuddle buddy.

18. Thís pup's drínks were all on the house.

The skíes seem so much fríendlíer knowíng these fluffy faces míght be aboard my next flíght.

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