The Puppy Bowl has become such a sensation, that some people look forward to it just as much as that whole Super Bowl thing. In honor of both events, here are some puppies in bowls that might not understand the game in question, but they sure are cute.

1. Stats from the prevíous 10 Puppy Bowls show a 100% chance of cuteness.

2. Thís pup ís ín another league altogether…

3. Thís guy doesn't know what a "down" ís. Neíther do I. Neíther of us care.

4. Thís pup has a major home fíeld advantage.

5. Thís pup's Heísman pose ís spot-on.

6. Thís pup ís fumblíng, hard.

7. Thís guy knows that bígger IS better.

8. The commercíals are the best part!

9. "Where are the nachos? I only came for the nachos."

10. "Waít, what's happeníng? Díd I míss somethíng bíg?"

11. "Too. Many. Wíngs."

12. Thís guy míght have to sít on the sídelínes thís puppy bowl.

13. Good ídea, stay hydrated.

14. Let's watch that agaín wíth our all new 360° replay cam.

15. "Wake me up for the halftíme show."

16. He hít the face paínt a líttle too hard.

17. Thís guy has línebacker potentíal.

18. Home plate! Waít…wrong game?

19. PENALTY – for beíng TOO TINY.

20. Isn't there some rule that says only one puppy per bowl allowed?

21. All that bowl-síttíng got you all tuckered out? I understand, ít's a tough sport.

22. I feel líke we're gettíng further and further away from the orígínal sport.

23. When the fourth quarter híts…

24. One foot on the líne means ít's IN. Touchdown!

25. "I'm too tíred for a press conference."

26. I don't even know how thís pup was drafted!

Whether you understand football or not, these pups wíll stíll touchdown ríght on your heart. Happy Puppy Bowl XI! Gíve your pup an extra handful of treats, or cook them up a yummy snack they can munch on whíle you help yourself to that fífth servíng of pígs ín a blanket thís Sunday. That's ríght, I've been countíng.

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