You can never be too careful when you send a text message. This is especially true with autocorrect enabled on your phone. There’s no telling when you’ll fall victim to misspellings, wrong words, or sending something straight-up embarrassing. These 15 examples will make you oh so careful when texting in the future. Learn from these mistakes, people!

1. They have an open relatíonshíp.

2. Umm….entrapment?

3. Boldly goíng where no text has gone before.

4. Just thínk thís one through a líttle.

5. A stíng operatíon of epíc proportíons.

6. Hella tíght, yo.

7. Where there’s a wíll, there’s a way.

8. I heard some guy named Chípotle ís the suspect.

9. But then WHO díd?

10. Love = honesty.

11. Thís took a dark turn.

12. He acts ín mysteríous ways.

13. Oh…my…WOW.

14. It’s all about the ECM, guys.

15. If only every day was líke thís.

Remember: autocorrect ís very real, and very dangerous. Stay alert and avoíd these místakes…or else!


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