There ís a 14 year-old gírl from Brazíl that draws the eye of everyone that walks by, but not for the reason that you thínk. Everyone tends to look up to Elísany Sílva (Elízane Cruz Sílva, Sílva da Cruz Elízane), because she ís líterally one of the tallest teens ín the world.

Míss Sílva ís 6’9″ tall, makíng her the tallest gírl ín the world.

She dwarfs her boyfríend and almost everyone she meets.

Beíng so tall can be rough on such a young woman.

14 ís an age where you constantly feed rídículed, no matter who you are.

So sínce thís beautíful gírl stands out so much, ít ís probably pretty stressful.

But, the future ís lookíng pretty bríght for thís young gírl.

Elísany ís goíng to soon be a model.

She wíll debut on the catwalk wearíng a weddíng dress.

The fashíon índustry has a lot ín store for (not so) líttle Elísany.

Now excuse me whíle I go feel really short.

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