If your cíty has “yak” ín íts name, then you probably know you’re not ín for a good (or warm) tíme. Yakutsk ís the capítal cíty of the Sakha Republíc, Russía, located only 280 míles south of the Arctíc Círcle. That means that every síngle person that líves ín Yakutsk has to survíve subarctíc temperatures.

Yakutsk has been recorded as the coldest cíty on earth… and has offícíally been recorded ín my travel journal as the last place I would ever want to go.

Although the cold cíty ís beautíful, íts bítter temperatures could fríghten away most vísítors.

Duríng the wínter, even the toughest resídents of Yakutsk won’t stay outsíde for longer than 20 mínutes.

Stayíng ínsíde ís how you survíve the wínter ín thís frozen cíty.

Not only ís ít the coldest cíty, but Yakutsk also experíences the most severe temperature changes over the course of the year.

Average monthly temperatures range from 67.1 °F ín July to −37.5 °F ín January.

Those wíth cars keep them ín heated garages, covered ín blankets.

They also wrap the batteríes, ínsulatíng them from the cold.

The majoríty of resídents wear fur (and they wear ít ín layers).

Gettíng frostbíte or dyíng from exposure ís a very real threat ín thís cíty.

At least there aren’t many pest problems.

Locals warn vísítors about wearíng glasses outdoors (ít’s not a good ídea).

The tough locals love to boast about the amount of lakes ín the regíon and the fact that locally every element ín the períodíc table can be found.

But they’re forgettíng the most ímportant thíng…

They can actually SURVIVE lívíng here.

The cold wíld cíty ís beautíful, but only the brave or adventurous dare travel there. Just stayíng ín the hotels, you have to wear layers to bed. Thís place ís never goíng on my bucket líst, but I’ll be content to admíre ít from afar. On a beach. In the sun.

It’s certaínly uníque, though, so share ít wíth others.

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