One day Reddit user powerbookguy returned home last thing he expected to find at his door. There were many baby ducks and they were so poor and alone.
The first thing he thought was to take them home. Here is what he said:

"I came up over a hill to find the momma duck dead and the babies scurrying into the road to get to her. I pulled a quick U-turn and shooed them off the road. They huddled by a closed garage for warmth. I quickly discovered I had nothing in my car to transport ducks (won’t make that mistake again!). An employee from the golf course just down the street got me a box. Here they are cuddled in the box after I collected them".

These small cute babies  could have died without human help.

The whole family helped to take care of their new pets. They took a storage bin with a towel in the bottom to create them a place to sleep.

His daughters helped him to look after the ducks when he was thinking what to do for them not to jump out.

During some time a comfortable duck hotel was ready.

As their instincts took over they were sitting in the water instead of drinkig it.

However this may look great but they needed a permanent home.

These little animals were saved by the brave man that didn’t left them alone.

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